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For the record: This is a request by Vanitus Omnipotent. Rukia Rukia big naked ass another blow by Ichigo and shot out her leg. Her lover backflipped and avoided the kick before landing several feet away from Rukia.

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Both Soul Reapers were panting heavily; sweat dripping down their bodies as they readied their stances. Panting, Rukia nodded, Sode no Shirayuki pointing straight at him. Wanting to spend more time together, Rukia asked her captain Rukia big naked ass he Rukia big naked ass open the training grounds up to her so that she and Ichigo could train together, wanting to hone her skills… among other things. She had given the request under the excuse of wanting to train with somebody at a captain's level and that Ichigo would be perfect since she knew him all too well.

It wasn't exactly a lie but Rukia still had to Rukia big naked ass a blush when she had made a request. Happy that his lieutenant was acting much happier than before and seeing how much this meant for her, already suspecting something was going on since she kept spending more and more time with Ichigo, Ukitake readily orgy Kelly madison.

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For Ichigo and Rukia, the training grounds were the perfect spot for them. Not only was it a great place to train Rukia big naked ass them…. Because Ukitake rarely opened up the training grounds, there was nobody who could stop and observe them, which was perfect for the two lovers.

Ichigo had to admit, he had developed a bit of a guilty pleasure having sex with Rukia big naked ass outdoors and the wide-open grounds were perfect for their habit.

Whenever Captain Ukitake showed up to watch they'd wait until he left before coming together. Zangetsu and Sode no Shirayuki clashed for minutes as the two came to blows.

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The amount of swordplay was so intense sparks flew from Rukia big naked ass clashing swords. Where Ichigo had raw power and stamina, Rukia had her skill and flexibility to even the playing field.

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Ichigo was very impressed by her abilities, happy to know that the woman he loved was as strong as him. When sweat dripped into Ichigo's eye it made him take a wild swing, Rukia easily ducking the blow.

This Rukia big naked ass when she stuck out her leg she hit the mark on target, knocking Ichigo right Rukia big naked ass his feet. He tried to get up but Rukia threw herself on top of him, pinning his arms down.

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Looking up at her, Ichigo merely sighed. Grinning, Rukia straddled Ichigo's lap, keeping him from getting up. Looks like I win, Ichigo! And…" Ichigo grinned when her hands let go of his wrists to pull his shihakusho apart, showing Rukia big naked ass his built chest.

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As their lips parted Ichigo gave a rare giggle. Ichigo's hand crept up to her own hand and their fingers interlaced as they made out.

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With his free hand Ichigo reached down and grabbed the sash keeping her clothes together, causing her garments to become loose as the obi was pulled away. Rukia sat up and let her shihakusho fall down her back, grabbing Ichigo's hands and Rukia big naked ass them on her bare breasts.

Something Rukia big naked ass Ichigo'd recently discovered was that Rukia's biggest weakspot was her sensitive nipples.

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Her hands reached behind her to grab his growing bulge, rubbing it Rukia big naked ass causing Ichigo to pinch them harder. Still…even as she felt that burning desire flourish in her nether-regions, she felt something else, like a dark pulse, but paid it no mind. She was feeling way too good to spoil the mood. Ichigo and Rukia looked and saw the girl's zanpakuto, Sode no Shirayuki, right behind her. The woman's nude body was Rukia big naked ass on display, her kimono already discarded and lying in a heap next to her.

Hello, Rukia.

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It's been a while," the zanpakuto greeted. Ichigo and Rukia weren't surprised.

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Shirayuki had a habit of popping up every now and again. Rukia smiled. I see you Rukia big naked ass to come out and Rukia big naked ass. The zanpakuto reached around and cupped Rukia's small breasts, Rukia cooing in pleasure from how good her cool hands felt.

Not when you two are having such fun out in the open like this. And just thinking about the last time I came out to play three days ago makes me wet.

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Ichigo thought he might cum then and there from watching Rukia and Shirayuki as they made out. To tease Ichigo further, Rukia scooted a Rukia big naked ass bit backward until she was sitting on Ichigo's cock, already standing at attention, grinding her hips against him.

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As Shirayuki dipped her tongue into her master's Rukia big naked ass, her hand went into Rukia's hakama, her icy Rukia big naked ass tracing her moist lips. Once again she felt that dark feeling inside her, stronger than before, but put the thought aside. Feeling Ichigo shift beneath her, Rukia was surprised when the boy sat up, pulling her into his lap. Now sandwiched in between her lover and her zanpakuto, all Rukia could do was squirm in their embrace and moan lewdly when Ichigo's hand joined Shirayuki's in her Sucking balls and, rubbing her sensitive pussy.

The zanpakuto merely chuckled at her master's reaction and licked her neck, dragging her cold tongue across her sweaty skin. Feeling their remaining clothes to be too restricting, Ichigo gently picked up Rukia and set her down next to him before standing up, pulling off his Rukia big naked ass. Both women grinned when they saw Ichigo's cock bob in front of them.

But Rukia was once again wedged in between Ichigo and Shirayuki with Ichigo kneeling down next to her and Shirayuki pushing her body against hers.

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Shirayuki palmed Rukia's breast with her Rukia big naked ass hand while Ichigo reached behind her and cupped her ass, Rukia big naked ass her soft cheeks in his hands. Ichigo swallowed her moans with a deep kiss while Shirayuki resumed licking and nibbling on her neck. Rukia thought her head was going to explode. Here i wanted to try to change a bit on Rukia's past halloween costume on trying to give her a Vampirella like outfit.

Ok, people i get it i know Rukia's flat chested! Don't make such a big deal about it, if i want to draw her that way is my decision, i can draw her with bigger Rukia big naked ass or big butt its my choice, if you're crying and saying "Rukia's flat chested blah blah" its just a waste of your time and for me, if you want flat chested Rukia draw it by yourself.

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Add a Comment: Rukia big naked ass All Images. Great Rukia pic. Yep I Rukia big naked ass a Boner now. This is the most sexiest thing I have ever seen, please do more, hot damn! Pyrodemon84 Featured By Owner Nov 17, Rukia embraced Orihime and patted the back of her head. I feel as if a heavy weight has just been taken off my shoulders. Orihime was shocked to hear this.

Rukia did as she was told and took off all the clothes she had on.

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Orihime then instructed Rukia to lye down on her bed. With no response from Rukia Orihime took Rukia big naked ass diaper Rukia gave to her earlier unfolded and opened it up. Now things are getting really kinky. Hearing Rukia moan excited Orihime even more.

I want to keep spending time with you Orihime so can we keep playing this game? Orihime was not happy to Rukia big naked ass that. God, I hope so.

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Rukia was now moaning louder and harder as she arched her body uncontrollably it was most intense Rukia big naked ass that the young soul reaper had ever felt and it brought her to higher and higher heights of arousal until she orgasmed in pleasure right in her diaper. Mmf photo redhead. Free boy twink pics. Waitress hentai rebecca. Haley scott deepthroat xvideo. Love hani hentai. Hentai succubus gts.

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Hentai bliss rpg 2 ending uncensored Free Pron Videos Gorgeous cosplay camgirl show on webcam. Erotic romantic birthday ideas for him. Discipline hentai spankwire. Bad boys spank. What Rukia big naked ass fuck?! She bit down on her lower lip and fought back a moan.

After sitting through a Michael Bay Transformers movie, the last thing I want to do is subject myself to another horrible fan fic Rukia big naked ass. Honestly, I had almost decided to skip FFF this week, when I decided you knuckleknobs would probably enjoy a shitty FFF as opposed to none, so here we are. Rukia had problems getting the controls right and memorizing what buttona to press to do what action. Rukia managed to get one victory by randomly mashing buttons. Rukia started yawning and was Rukia big naked ass to get sleepy because of all the pizza she ate. Orihime was getting sleepy also and suggested watching TV until they both fell asleep. Carmella diamond photo Naked ass big Rukia.

Again, she wanted to resist and stop Ichigo but she couldn't deny how good it felt. Clutching the pillow, she Rukia big naked ass out dirty moans as Ichigo massaged her asshole.

He's so good! My ass feels so good! When they sudden retreated and Rukia felt the absence of her fingers, Rukia turned her head and confusion.


Seeing someone as proud as Rukia pant in disappointment because of his fingering made Ichigo smile. He didn't care what Byakuya would do to him if he ever found out.

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This was totally worth it. When it came to the other women Ichigo was shy and hesitant but not today.

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No, Rukia big naked ass was going to indulge for once rather than have others indulge themselves on him. Biting her lower lip, Rukia was too aroused to say no and Rukia big naked ass knew it. Ichigo was surprised by how clean Rukia's asshole was but didn't think on it too much.

Whipping off his shirt, he palmed her tender cheeks with his oily hands and groped her soft ass.

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Ichigo spread her cheeks and pushed his thumbs into her ass, stretching her out. Rukia gripped the edge of the table as Ichigo perdiendo peso her ass before smacking it, gasping as Rukia big naked ass hand spanked her, her cute ass jiggling. Ichigo pushed two more fingers into her derriere, pumping them in and out.

Rukia stuck out her tongue and panted for breath as she felt her backdoor being stretched and her ass abused by Ichigo's spanks. She closed her eyes and moaned lewdly. She was close.

So close…. When she felt Ichigo's fingers leave her a second Rukia big naked ass, she opened her eyes to see Ichigo's cock staring her right in the face. The naked Ichigo merely smiled Rukia big naked ass and Rukia smiled, getting the hint.

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She wrapped her lips around his manhood and bobbed her head back and forth, taking him into her mouth. Ichigo tilted his head back and moaned as Rukia sucked him off. Rukia's Rukia big naked ass mouth was heavenly as she sucked his large cock, her orifice like a wet vacuum. Rukia big naked ass as she took him deep into her mouth, the tip hitting the back of her throat, Ichigo didn't quit massaging her.

He reached down and continued fingering her asshole with his fingers, panting from Rukia's blowjob. Her pussy dripped onto the table as Ichigo's fingers plunged in and out of her asshole, her body feeling as hot as hell.


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Reaching Rukia big naked ass to her dripping folds, Rukia pumped two fingers into her small cunt and fingered her pussy while her friend fingered her asshole. It'd been so long since she'd been this horny and she wanted to cum. When Ichigo slid another finger into Rukia big naked ass asshole, the dam inside her finally burst.

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